Monday, November 25, 2013

Life just keeps ticking along!!!

 TAP! TAP!! TAP!!!! Is anyone still there?? Blogland,Oh how I have missed you! wave !! wave!!
I am still reading my fav's and many blog friends are now "facebook" friends and real life friends!!!
But I did love blogging,But once my family grew things changed and life just became so important to be "part"of and not tied down to a blog.
But do I dare again to become a regular blogger??? Do I want another string in my bow again?
Hmmm? lets see...For now this is the one cameo appearance and I will see what happens from here...
Life where I last left off...Has been chaotic and busy,as many bloggy friends know I love order and crave routine so the addition of a extra kiddo and then reno's and a new business venture whilst trying to keep all the kids interests and skills ticking along have made life B-U-S-Y!!! I have been very out of my comfort zone.
But some things here remain the very same...We are still surrounded by daily visits from wildlife
Right outside my front door,and this young kookaburra was a regular visitor and I managed some wonderful photos!!
Our bush property still fits me well...I love driving down our long windy driveway and feeling like all is well in the world,Home is where I do what matters most... cooking for my family ,raising some pretty awesome kids and the usual household chores that weirdly I enjoy!
We still have a daily dose of roos coming to visit,As Aussies know this is a big thrill as Kangaroos are something many Australians have not seen themselves except in a zoo or dead on the highways,Our property must be in their travel path as the male drops off the females and the young joeys and they all lounge around on the lawn and hop off about 4pm! Ha ha!!
Not much else to tell...What do you guys want to know?...Mabey this is why I have been missing for so long because not much has changed and not much to tell...
But for now I am glad to be back in the bloggy world again
Love Cupcakes xx